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Rudy's Pancake House
674 N Pontiac Trl
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 918-4581

There's nothing better than an establishment that only serves breakfast, as everything is guaranteed to be delicious! You just have to try out Rudy's the next time you wake up with a stomach grumble. They have a varied menu of delicious breakfast foods that are sure to please everybody. They have affordable specials during the week that only makes everything better, and a Sunday brunch buffet that sometimes has lines going out the door! We only need to say three words to help get you to come into Rudy's; caramel banana crepes. You've never had anything quite as delicious to start off your day! The corned beef hash will wake you from the middle of the night dreams craving more. The coffee is always fresh and fabulous here. Rudy’s is astounding in their ability to create delightful plates and maintain superb service!

Woody's Cafe
235 N Pontiac Trl
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 624-4379

Here, we are always fond of little diners; they usually have the tastiest food. Woody’s fits the bill. This is a lovely little diner with outstanding breakfast and an amazing fruit salad! You can't go wrong with some fresh fruit with an already amazing meal, right? Not only that, but they have a great selection of lunch options when you're feeling hungry. Whether you're looking for a sandwich, a crisp salad, or a great chicken dish, you'll be sure to be satsified with the selections at this cafe. Since it's a cafe, you know the atmosphere will be quaint and comfortable. There's just something about a small cafe that provides a warm hospitality to all those who stop by. Ask them about their delightful lunch specials that run during the week, you truly can't go wrong with any of the options! Stop by Woody’s at 235 N Pontiac Trl. For some good eatin!

El Mariachi
602 N. Pontiac Trail
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 926-6180

This is the place to be if you value fast friendly service with a smile. El Mariachi is superb! From the warm atmosphere, to the friendly hospitality by the servers and owners, this is a great place to go if you want to feel welcomed and comfortable at a dining establishment. They're cooking some amazing Mexican cuisine here, and it tastes as authentic as ever. You can't go wrong when you opt for the Chicken chimichanga, and locals rant and rave over the chicken quesadilla. The food is always fresh and tasty, and plated nicely. Be sure to ask for the free tortilla chips and salsa, it's a great way to start a meal, especially with some guacamole on the side, you truly can't go wrong with that as an appetizer! It wouldn't be a good Mexican restaurant if they didn't have margarita specials during happy hour, would it? The margaritas here are tangy with a great pour.

Bayside Sports Grille
142 E Walled Lake Dr
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 926-6180

Sometimes, you don't want a fancy restaurant when you're looking to go out with your closest friends. Sometimes, all you want is a simple sports grill to sit back, enjoy the game, and a great bar burger. If that's what you're looking for, then we're absolutely confident that you'll love this establishment. They're serving up all the classics that you're guaranteed to love such as the standard burgers cooked how you want them, chicken sandwiches, salads, and even some pasta dishes for those with an Italian taste on their minds! If you want an eating experience a little closer to nature, the patio affords you a beautiful view overlooking walled lake. What could be better than enjoying your meal while a breeze kicks through the air? The food is marvelous, and the servers are always so pleasant, making hospitality a top priority. We give Bayside Sports Grille five stars!

Boon Kai Restaurant
1257 S Commerce Rd
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 624-5353

Boon Kai should definitely be on your list when you're looking for great Chinese food that won't break the bank. For the price they charge at Boon Kai, you could eat here all day! Your waistline might not like that idea, but it's certainly feasible, which is great for those who are looking to save a buck. They're not known for their cleanliness, but they're known for the quality of their amazing dishes. You certainly can't go wrong with the hot and sour soup, or the Kon Pow beef. No matter what you finally decide on, it's going to be seasoned to perfection and delightfully delicious, guaranteed. Not to mention, you get an awesome portion for the amount they charge. If you're planning a party bus excursion, you'll want to take advantage of their amazing catering specials!

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