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Detroit Party Buses has built a high class selection of the regions finest and most unique party buses. Each of our vehicles is custom crafted to our precise specification for the premium enjoyment of our clientele. If you have a luxury vehicle need, we invite you to peruse this page and find your favorite! If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with us and we can let you know if there's been any recent additions to our spectacular fleet. As we're always looking to improve our selection, our operators can fill you in if there's anything new in the works.

10 Passenger Party Van (Non Smoking)

Our 10 Passenger Party Van is a great option for those smaller groups of party goers who are looking for the fun and excitement of a party bus. Affordable, stylish, and not lacking at all in the luxury deparment... You'll find this party van just simply jam packed with all of the finest amenities known in the luxury transportation business. Slide into supreme comfort as you sink into our luxurious leather seating, and revel in the appearance of our exotic hardwood flooring. Don't forget to bring your tunes to enjoy through our audiophile sound system with MP3 and iPod hookups, and if you would like... While we're talking about bringing things along, you're going to want to be sure that you stock up the granite topped bars with all of your favorite beverages!

10-12 Passenger Charger Limo (Non Smoking)

Our Dodge Charger limousine for 10 to 12 passengers is a dream! This jet door limo has a white exterior and custom interior with leather seats, wood floors, a beverage cooler with beautiful accent lighting, a great stereo system, CD player, USB port, Bluetooth audio, TV, DVD - everything you need to enjoy music and movies! Dark tinted windows allow for privacy for you and your party. This is a perfect limo for anyone who want's a stylish ride, whether it's for your wedding, birthday, or a trip to the casino!

12 Passenger Range Rover Limousine (Non Smoking)

Our 12 Passenger Range Rover Limo is the newest addition to our fleet. This is a fantastic option for many different types of events in the metro Detroit area, especially if you don't have that large of a group. Our customers love the newly renovated interior that includes couch style wraparound leather seating to relax into! Not to mention the polished hardwood flooring that's ready for you to bust a move...and the iPod/MP3 capable stereo systems with sub-woofers that will get you in the groove. We're certain that you're going to love this 14 Passenger Party Bus because it offers privacy coated windows, color changing neon lighting throughout the surfaces, conveniently placed bar areas that have coolers and cup holders, as well as those plasma screen televisions that have DVD players for your entertainment. Hop on today!

12 Passenger Town Car Limousine (Non Smoking)

Our 12 Passenger Town Car Limo is for those who are looking for the timeless style and comfort that only a Lincoln can provide! One of the newer additions to our fine fleet, you'll find that the luxurious jet black interior just screams luxury and comfort to any who grace the opulent interior. Enjoy your favorite music on the high-grade audio system, as you can use the CD player, or plugin your auxilliary device (like iPod/MP3 players) to use. As with all of the Detroit Party Buses vehicles, you'll find this Town Car limo equipped with a wet bar and cup holders to accommodate all of your drinks, and your group will be sure to enjoy the soft glow of our LED mood lighting as we cruise down the streets of Detroit.

18 Passenger Infinity Limousine (Non Smoking)

This stunning 2023 Infinity limousine has a spacious interior withleather seating for up 18 to 20 passengers. This limo has jet wing doors for a super deluxe look, and a custom interior with colorful strobe and laser lighting, and three beverage bars. The coolers will be stocked with ice and cups, you just have to BYOB! This limo has an incredible stereo system and is Bluetooth ready, or you can use the USB port or CD player. In addition, you'll find flat screen HDTV and a DVD player. Everything you need to celebrate a special evevent on right on board this lavish limo!

20 Passenger Escalade Limousine (Non Smoking)

The ultimate in style and elegant comfort can be found in our luxuriously appointed 20 passenger Escalade limo! This gorgeous white H2 comfortably seats 20 adults on custom leather trim upholstery. There are two flat screen TVs on this limo, and with the availability of TV's on this unit, you will love watching your favorite DVDs on them no matter where you are in the vehicle. There are convenient built in coolers to keep your drinks cold. There are also cup holders equipped to prevent any messes on the road too. When it comes to music, you will want to take advantage of the CD and iPod/MP3 player that is featured on this limo. You'll enjoy the privacy afforded by dark window tinting throughout. If you're interested in renting our classiest and most comfortable limo, you can find the contact information for Detroit Party Buses here.

28 Passenger Party Bus (Non Smoking)

Our 20 to 28 passenger non-smoking party bus is perfect for your smaller get togethers and outings, just big enough for you and your closest friends to gather and have a wonderful time! This white bus features a flat screen television for your entertainment, plus an HD antenna that will pull in live high definition television when you are parked. When the bus is in motion you will be able to take advantage of the DVD player to watch your favorite movies and/or music videos! Speaking of music, you can bring a collection of CDs or just bring along your iPod or MP3 player, because the bus features hookups for that. You can listen to either CDs or MP3s on our high quality audio system, which is a total of 1400 watts plus three ten inch JL Audio subwoofers for the booming bass that you love. You'll love relaxing on our high quality leather wraparound seats, and enjoying the ambiance that's provided by our beautiful fiber optic and LED lighting. The bus also features not one but two acrylic bars, complete with both coolers and lighting, and there are built-in cup holders throughout the bus to prevent messy spills on the road. The bus features gorgeous wood flooring and diamond plate mirror panel, plus tinted windows for your privacy on the road. If you want to rent this party bus for your upcoming outings, please contact Detroit Party Buses here.

30 Passenger Party Bus (Non Smoking)

Our 28 to 30 Passenger Party Bus is the vehicle of choice for bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and proms! Of course that's just the beginning of the types of events that this bus would be perfect for, so let your imagination be your guide. The bus features color changing walls, ceilings, steps, and cooler, plus a mirrored color changing ceiling. Combine that exciting lighting scheme with the granite bar with built in cooler and cup dispenser, and you're got your own club or bar on wheels. There's also a booming sound system for you to enjoy your CDs and/or MP3s from your iPod. There are flat screen televisions on the bus for your enjoyment, and you can enjoy watching your favorite DVDs on it too. The leather seating is superbly comfortable and arranged for easy conversation with all your guests. The exotic hardwood flooring makes for the perfect dance floor, and the tinted windows ensure your complete privacy from prying eyes while you're cruising down the freeway on those hot summer nights. If you want to book our party bus for your bachelorette party or for any other event, you can find all of Detroit Party Buses contact information right here.

34 Passenger Party Bus (Non Smoking)

If you need a slightly larger party bus to accommodate more guests, our white 34 Passenger Party Bus may be your best option. This streamlined white bus features leather seating along the side walls of the bus, which makes conversation easy since everyone is seated across from each other. There is a beautiful granite bar on the bus which features both a built-in cooler and a cup dispenser. There are also built-in cup holders to prevent the inconvenience of spills while on the road. This bus features a nice loud sound system to play all your favorite tunes, and an iPod/MP3 player dock to play all your hottest downloads. The blue LED lighting and mirrored ceiling provide the perfect mood lighting for your evening on the road. Of course we also feature tinted windows for your privacy on this bus. If you would like more information about renting this bus, you may contact Detroit Party Buses with the information that you'll find right here.

35 Passenger Party Bus (Non Smoking)

For the absolute largest parties on the road, or just for those that want the most leg room possible (to say the least!), you will definitely want to rent our 20-35 Passenger Party Bus! This gorgeous white vehicle is truly massive, with a custom stripper stage. There are several flat screen televisions on this bus, and with so many TVs scattered around the bus, you will love watching DVDs on them no matter where you are in the vehicle. There are two granite topped bars and two more bars built into the seats for a total of four bars on the bus, complete with built-in coolers, and a cup dispenser too. There are of course built-in cup holders to prevent any messes on the road too. When it comes to music and dancing, you will want to take advantage of the CD and iPod/MP3 player that is featured on this bus. You'll enjoy dancing on the exotic hardwood flooring. There are tinted windows for complete privacy, and comfortable leather seating around the entire bus. If you're interested in renting our largest and most luxurious bus, you can find the contact information for Detroit Party Buses here.

43 Passenger Party Bus (Non Smoking)

Our biggetst party bus is this beautiful - and spacious - bus for a maximum of 43 passengers! This bus is big on size and big on luxury, with a long list of absolutely amazing features and exciting amenities, including a full multimedia package. When you step on board this bus you'll find plush leather seating, stylish wood floors, vibrant color-changing lighting effects with LED and fiber optic lights, several large flat panel TVs, a DVD player, a CD player, Bluetooth capabilities, and a USB port for your phone or iPod. The sound system is one of the very best and it will blow you away with it's concert-quality sound! Whatever event you're celebrating, this bus will make a fun and exciting way to travel!

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