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19350 Sumpter Rd
Township of Sumpter, MI 48111
(734) 699-9070

A family friendly place to visit during the day, but after the sun goes down it has more of a biker dive bar kind of vibe. They have your average bar menu, sandwiches, burgers, subs, pizza, cheese bread, fries, broasted chicken, and more. They serve up some surprisingly good salads, with plenty of chicken, bacon, and other toppings, it's actually borderline too large for the plate they serve it on. They have pretty good pizza with plenty of speciality pies.

Hidalgo Mexican Restaurant
333 Industrial Park Dr
Belleville, MI 48111
(734) 697-3271

The first thing you are going to notice when you walk in for the first time is how it looks like a 50's diner with a Mexican decor. But here is the interesting thing about it, you would assume, oh this used to be a small town diner in that era and the new owners just rolled with it instead of buying new furniture. But here's the thing, it all looks flawless, hardly any wear and tear to be seen. As for the food, it's all that you would hope for at a small local Mexican joint. They make some killer crispy yet airy tacos, another great dish to try would be their Rajas con Crema which is slices of poblano peppers cooked up in a cream sauce, topped with beef or chicken and chese, served with torillas, rice and refried beans

10526 Belleville Rd
Belleville, MI 48111
(734) 699-6660

We don't often feature large nationwide chains like these but in the area it's a good choice for a consistent meal. They have some great dishes, we can't lie, the Fiesta Lime Chicken and Bourbon Street Chicken + Shrimp are hard to pass up. Of course they also have plenty of varieties of burgers, wraps, sandwiches and tacos, but also some really innovative pasta dishes, such as their Spinach & Artichoke Chicken Cavatappi which is cavatappi pasta topped with grilled chicken breast, fried spinach leaves, artichoke, parmesan, and grape tomatoes. In addition to all their dining options they also mix up some tasty cocktails. Like the refreshing Bourbon & Berries which is Maker's Mark, blackberry, cranberry juice and lemon.

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