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Bourbon Street Bistro & Smokehouse
318 Crocker Blvd
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 466-4188

Bourbon Street Bistro & Smokehouse, even the name makes this establishment sound delectable! We promise you won't be disappointed with the reputation this restaurant sets for itself. They have an amazing array of food from the South, and you're sure to love it all. If you've never been here before, you're certainly in for a treat, from the great food to the relaxed atmosphere, you're certain to feel right at home. If you come at the right time, you'll be able to catch a live band performing some tunes that will bring you right back into nostalgia. They have a great sampler platter that contains everything that is great about the South! If you come in time for breakfast, don't leave without trying the biscuits and gravy, it's the best we've ever had. Sometimes they offer great lunch and dinner specials that cut down on costs, but not on portions! Come on down today.

Tin Fish
24420 Jefferson Ave
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081
(586) 778-8330

Not only does this restaurant offer great selections of seafood as well as American classics, it offers a great view of the water. What is better than relaxing on an outdoor patio with a brew and a good meal while taking in a gorgeous view of nature as the sun sets? They've certainly outdone themselves here at this restaurant, this is a fantastic way to spend an evening, no matter which way you look at it. The meals are all prepared flawlessly, and they're professionally plated. You'll be asking yourself if you're at a restaurant or on the Food Channel! No matter what you decide to order, this restaurant offers an amazing dining experience each way you look at it. You'll definitely want to take advantage of their dinner specials for the day, as well as happy hour that comes with as much as half off specialty cocktails. Stop by today!

The Mitt
143 N Main St
Mt Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 493-0500

The Mitt is a restaurant named after something that is relevant to each of us, the Mitten, and we mean Michigan of course! This establishment is serving up mostly Michigan made and brewed items, so you can feel good about supporting your local economy while enjoying some of the best food around. What's better than that? Their selection of Michigan brewed beers is absolutely impressive in every way possible, you won't find quite a selection anywhere else, that's for sure! When you stop by, bring a friend and enjoy some great brews. You won't be breaking the bank, either, because everything is very affordable here. We recommend this restaurant to anybody who wants to have a positive impact with their spending money, you'll definitely want to stop by and check it out the next time you get a chance!

Your Mothers Bar
61 N Walnut St
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 468-4444

This bars name might sound like an insult, but we assure you the experience is anything but insulting. In fact, this establishment is widely welcoming to all who walk through the wooden doors. The patrons are usually returning locals who can't get enough of the food and atmosphere, and we certainly don't blame them. In fact, you'll be sure to return after eating here just once. As a bar, they have experienced bartenders who know what a great pour is, unlike other establishments who offer up weak cocktails. If you're lucky, you'll catch their happy hour that offers as much as half off drinks, and what could be better than that? This bar has the best roast beef sandwich that we've ever had, and that's certainly saying something! It is epic proportions of hearty meatiness, with piles of roast beef and swiss cheese, plus grilled onions and mushrooms if that's what you like. Tender, and satisfying, you won't regret your experience here.

Bath City Bistro
75 Macomb Pl
Mt Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-0918

This great restaurant provides an eccentric and unique dining experience in the Mt Clemens area. You won't find another restaurant quite like this anywhere else in this area, and that's guaranteed. This establishment is centered on the Belgian sport of feather bowling, something that is super fun, especially in a place where you're just expecting a regular old meal! The menu has a variety of options, but it mainly focuses on steaks, calzones, and mussels. However, there is definitely something for everyone here, there is a variety of foods in order to attract all sorts of patrons. They have amazing cocktails with one of the heaviest pours we've encountered, and we believe that to be a good thing. With their happy hour specials combined into everything else, this bistro is an easy choice for anyone who is looking for a great deal and a different eating experience. The atmosphere is extremely charming and welcoming!

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