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Tony Packo's Cafe
1902 Front St
Toledo, OH 43605
(419) 691-6054

Tony Packo's has been around since the 1930's, making a business out of the Great Depression was no east feat, but they surely made it happen, and they're still running today. Since opening, they've been a hit with the locals, and nothing has changed at all. They have a host of menu items that are sure to excite your senses, such as the chili sundar that is layered into a sundae glass, a perfect way to get your dessert in before dinner! Their world famous chili is available by the bowl, on top of hot dogs, on top of nachos, however you want it! The Tony Packo's feast is definitely the most popular, however, it comes with a cup of their famous chili, a homestyle cabbage roll, plus a famous Tony Packo's hot dog with shredded cheddar cheese. Try it with bacon! No matter what you get, you're guaranteed to enjoy it.

Haab's Restaurant Inc
18 W Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 483-8200

Haab's Restaurant dates all the way back to 1873, when owner John Fulton opened a saloon for gentlemen to enjoy some drinks. It's operating much the same way now, except luckily they've opened their minds to allow females in as well. They've always been well known for their thick cut New York Strip sirloin steak, it's broiled to perfection, and as Detroit Monthly puts it "For the best steak in Detroit, go to Ypsilanti.". However, that's not the most popular item, for the best eating experience here, you'll want to order their Prime London broil. Seafood is a newer addition to their menu over the years, but it's become a favorite in the short time it has been an option. No matter what you end up ordering, it's sure to be delicious and well cooked.

Mario's Italian Restaurant
4222 2nd Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-1616

Mario's is known to be an unpretentious Italian restaurant located in downtown Detroit. They've been around since 1948, and there hasn't been another restaurant like it opened since. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, perfect for sharing a meal with great ambience. From the service to the food, you can't get much better than this in the area. As soon as you're seated, you're greeted with a vegetable and relish tray that is sure to get your hunger going. It's a completely unique eating experience with valet parking, ballroom dancing, and since it's close to the Theater district, it's a great place to visit before or after a show. They even offer shuttles to some locations! You can't go wrong with such a courteous and amazing restaurant. Stop by today!

Gander's Family Restaurant
4219 Luna Pier Rd
Luna Pier, MI 48157
(734) 848-8913

This is a great place to get an unpretentious meal in a comfortable setting, you'll be guaranteed to get great portion sizes and low prices given the fact that it's a family restaurant. It's a very quaint looking establishment, and the waitstaff seem to know everybody by name. The Lake Erie Perch is a delicious option, especially considering it's locally caught and fresh as could be. There's not a smarter choice! The fried clams are also to die for, they're served with mashed potatoes and gravy that are creamy and filling. There isn't a better place to get some local sea food for such a low price. It's located right on the lake, so you can enjoy some great sightseeing after you eat. What are you waiting for? Head over to Gander's for an amazing family meal.

Sidetrack Bar & Grill
56 E Cross St
Ypsilanti, MI 48198
(734) 483-1490

If you're looking for options, Sidetrack Bar & Grill has you covered. We haven't seen such an extensive menu anywhere else!They've even been featured in GQ magazine as one of the hamburgers "You Must Eat Before You Die", and also on the Oprah Winfrey Show as one of "The Best of the Best: Burger Edition", with such a star studded string of reviews, you cannot go wrong with Sidetrack Bar & Grill. If you come here, you'd be foolish not to try one of their famous burgers. They offer convenient online ordering, as well as a banquet setting that can seat up to 150 people. The beer battered pickles are a fantastic way to start a meal, as are the hand cut sweet potato fries. When it comes to burgers, you can't go wrong with their famous handcrafted burger, or the amtrak double decker cheeseburger. It's to die for!

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