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New Haven Coney Island
57550 Gratiot Ave
New Haven, MI 48048
(586) 749-9770

All you need is a Coney Island when you're feeling hungry, and broke! That may have been a little bleak, but it's true, coney islands offer us an affordable option for fast food when we're low on cash. This Coney is no exception! It's serving up classics, fast and hot, that you are sure to enjoy. Even the pickiest of eaters can find something to love about New Haven, it has a surprisingly large selection for a Coney Island. That might make your decision on what to eat a little hard, but we don't think that's such a bad thing. They have fast service, a clean and friendly environment with the welcoming waitresses, and food that is sure to bring you back time and time again. There isn't a better deal in Lenox Township, and that's a guarantee. Make sure you try the fish and chips, it's cooked to absolute perfection every single time.

China Delight
58820 Gratiot Ave
New Haven, MI 48048
(586) 749-9980

China Delight is a great place to go if you want some great Chinese food a price that is good for even the frugalest of patrons! This Chinese restaurant is known for their affordable pricing and fast, efficient service. They don't have much room to sit and enjoy your food, so carry out seems to be the best option whenever you find yourself close by. They have a varied menu with a few different cuisines added in, such as Szechuan and Cantonese, which makes for an interesting menu that is enticing. It's very tempting to order the same thing every day, but we think it's worth the risk to try something new. Who knows, you might find yourself a new favorite! They offer family dinner specials for the families who want a bundle pack, but the lunch specials are really where you save the money. The portions that they give you are monstrous, and that's amazing given the low price.

Ken's Country Kitchen
69232 N Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-4747

This is the greatest value in the Lenox area, that's for sure! We've never seen portions this big at a restaurant, but we surely aren't complaining. If you're not a big eater, you'll definitely have leftovers for the next day or two, and we see that as a cost effective solution, something that many restaurants overlook. This place serves up the best breakfast you'll ever have, which sounds like a lofty promise, but we know they'll deliver when you decide to visit. The coffee is always brewed fresh, you won't find a stale pot brewing here, that's for sure. They use a secret ingredient in their eggs that makes them mouthwatering, but they surely won't tell that secret. The breakfast skillets are another great choice with vegetables, eggs, bacon, cheese, and biscuits and gravy that is to die for. Make sure you try their belgian waffle if you have a sweet tooth, it's definitely one of their best offerings.

Chaps Food & Spirits
69294 Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-4500

Chap's is a long time favorite in the city of Richmond, and after eating here, we can certainly tell why that is. Food and spirits are aplenty here, and you won't have trouble choosing from the delectable menu of great choices. They're known for the quality of their broiled steaks that are cooked to perfection exactly how you've ordered it, as well as great BBQ, seafood, and pizza at the lowest price you'll see at a quality restaurant. You won't find cheaper prices at this quality of product! They're proud to keep their products local, as 80% of what they use is grown locally. They have a great selection of locally brewed beers, too. What could be better than supporting the local economy, and enjoying great tastes while doing so?

Brengman's Innland
67020 Gratiot Ave
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-3323

Brengman's Innland is a classic establishment, in fact, so classic that it has been dedicated to serving up amazing food for 100 years. We believe that's quite the accomplishment, and that sort of title doesn't come from just anywhere. They operate under the slogan of "High quality will never go out of style", and we think that is particularly true! They offer great daily specials that include favorites such as homemade meatloaf, new york strip steak, spaghetti and meat balls, beef brisket, BBQ rib dinners, and half off pizza night! They even have a lunch buffet that runs Monday thru Friday, and we think that's an amazing deal. You'll only find the freshest and most quality dishes here. They offer great catering services in case you ever happen to find yourself on a party bus!

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