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Early Bird Cafe
3415 Orchard Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 682-3918

Early Bird Café is a great addition to the Keego Arbor restaurant listing, and they're making quite the splas. This is a friendly little diner that certainly does breakfast right! The country skillet is a favorite, but to be quite honest, everything here seems to be a crowd pleasing favorite here in Keego Arbor! The service is super friendly, and the coffee is perfectly brewed, none of that bitter stuff that some pay $4 for. They have a great selection of omelettes, with some varieties I've never even heard of! Whether it's a barbeque omelette, chili cheese omelette, or pizza omelette, it's sure to be amazing and tasty because it's from Early Bird Cafe! We highly recommend the blueberry pancakes that come topped with a heavenly lemon drizzle that's to die for. If you are looking for breakfast in Keego Harbor, stop by at 3415 Orchard Lake Rd.

Bosko's coffee & kitchen
2850 Orchard Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 481-6956

Bosko’s has been serving the area for years upon years, and only a sucessful business can do that. It's very easy to see how they've been so successful during their years in service, especially when you taste their food! This, my friends, is how breakfast food should truly be done! They're serving up fresh quality products, friendly service, and reasonable prices to boot. What's better than getting a big meal for a price that doesn't hurt your wallet in the end? These are all a part of the reason this establishment is so addictive to the Keego Harbor crowd, but the main one is this. Everyone seems to hooked on their food!That's easily explained, as everything is so tasty. The croissant ham egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is the most amazing thing ever, especially when the early morning hunger hits. If you are looking for a great breakfast, stop by Bosko’s!

3128 Orchard Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 682-6740

Brewhaus is great, and it's a unique offering if you ever find yourself in the Keego Harbor area. Not only are they serving up great beer, they're brewing it right here. Not only are they brewing beer right here, they're serving amazing homemade food to compliment it all perfectly. When you come to Brewhaus, you're always guaranteed to find great drinks with a perfect pour that you'll definitely be feeling, friendly service that always comes with a smile, and fresh food that is the most delicious! This just might be your perfect bar, so make sure you try it out the next time you find yourself in the Keego Harbor area. You'll definitely want to take one of their six packs home after trying it out for yourself, it's a really amazing brew, you can't get any better than this. The next time you want a brew and a bite, try the Brewhaus at 3128 Orchard Lake Rd. in Keego Harbor.

Bachelor's One
1967 Cass Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 682-2295

It's been a long discussed issue in the Keego Harbor area; what is the best bar to visit in this area? Nobody has come up with a clear winner just yet, but you can be confident that Bachelor’s One has my vote. This is because they offer a delicious selection for dinner, and fast friendly staff. What's better than getting a fresh dinner that you didn't have to make yourself? You can be assured that it will be delicious, especially with all of the raving reviews that they've gotten in the past year or so. It's a great place to kick back and enjoy some brews with all your closest gentlemen friends. You're sure to enjoy their burger options, finding them to always be fresh and flavorful! They come with great toppings such as fresh vine ripened tomatoes, avocado, marinated onion, and more. That's surely not all they have to offer in terms of great dinner selections, they also offer a Grilled chicken salad that is superb for those trying to make their waistline a little smaller!

Jeremy Restaurant & Bar
1978 Cass Lake Rd
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 681-2124

If you've started to love Jeremy restaurant as much as we have since they've opened, and you love to cook, you'll be glad to know that they now offer cooking classes from their professional cooks. It's a casual restaurant and bar, with amazing contemporary American fare that everybody will be sure to love. They use local ingredients to create a varied menu that is sure to make your mouth water. If you're on a party bus for the night, you'll be glad to know that they also offer catering services. The menu is constantly changing, so you can be assured that you're visiting a basically new restaurant each time you decide to visit! They use complex flavors and textures in all of the dishes, the elegant manner in which everything is presented puts it over the top. It's an amazing way to get some luxury dining in!

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