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Broadstreet Station
208 S Broad St
Holly, MI 48442
(248) 634-1890

Broadstreet Station is a great place to spend your next dining experience, whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! This establishment is an adorable little bar located in Holly, and it's definitely one of the best around. It features lovely sandwiches, burgers and appetizers that are sure to make your mouth water, especially when you walk in the door and experience all the different aromas. The locals regularly order the Yvonne’s Special, which is rye bread, Swiss, tomato, thousand island dressing and marinated onion. It truly is a superb sandwich that will have you returning here for another in a few days. You can't go wrong when you decide to order their pizza which we proudly dubbed the best in the state, it's really that good! You're sure to always have a great time when eating at Broadstreet Station.

Blackthorn Pub
105 S Saginaw St
Holly, MI 48442
(248) 369-8714

Blackthorn Pub is a newly added establishment to the area of Holly, and the locals are sure glad that it's here! They may be a little packed when you first show up, but you won't wait too long for a table. Their busy atmosphere has to do with their major success in the past year or so, but can you blame them? Blackthorn Pub has a to die for beer menu, making it a favorite for locals and their coworkers to gather after a long day at work. They offer an extraordinary weekend menu that has chef created specials, all at a price that your wallet will surely appreciate! They offer huge portion sizes that you'll most likely be eating for days, and stellar service that is unlike anywhere else in the area, that's for sure. When you choose the Blackthorn pub for your next dining experience, you're guaranteed to have nothing but a great experience!

Red Devil Italian American Restaurant
104 S Broad St
Holly, MI 48442
(248) 634-4422

Red Devil Italian American is a great place for all things Italian in Holly, in fact, you won't find better Italian in this city. Don't take our word for it though, you've got to come experience this restaurant for yourself! Don’t let appearances fool you! This is hands down the best home-style Italian food we've ever eaten in the area of Holly. From the veggie lasagna that's healthy and creamy, to the Stromboli filled with cheese and meat, to the chicken parm that is cooked to perfection, it is all melt in your mouth- invade your dreams- make you need, not want more- good! They run great lunch specials during the day, you'll get some amazing savings while you enjoy some great food. Ask about their amazing wine collection, it's truly something to be proud of. Red Devil Italian American Restaurant is located at 104 S. Broad Street, Holly Mi 48442

Bittersweet Cafe
112 S Saginaw St
Holly, MI 48442
(248) 328-0800

Bittersweet Cafe is anything but bittersweet, any time we leave this establishment, we're only left with a sweet taste in our mouths! That probably has to do with the quality of the amazing food, and desserts to finish the meal, but you get our point. This establishment is a quaint little gem in downtown Holly. Bittersweet Café has outstanding cappuccino, delicious, sandwiches, and their breakfast omelets are in a class all of their own. You can't get any better when it comes to delicious coffee inspired drinks for your breakfast excursion. During lunch, their sandwiches are even cheaper, so you'll definitely want to take advantage of the savings, especially considering how good this restaurant truly is. Your family is sure to love Bittersweet Cafe for breakfast, as everything is always fresh and tasty. The service is superb. Stop by Bittersweet Café at 112 S. Saginaw St, Holly Mi 48442

Michigan Renaissance Festival
12600 Dixie Hwy
Holly, MI 48442
(248) 634-5552

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is Holly's signature offering, that's for sure! It only comes once a year, but it lasts a month or two when it does, and let us tell you, it's surely the most fun you can have in Holly! There are so many amazing activities and shops that are run in this festival, that we can't even cover them. However, they offer some amazing food that is unlike anything else. From rich bread bowls, to the infamous giant turkey leg, you can't go wrong with a meal at the ren fest. Not only that, but they also have pubs that serve up some amazing beer. You can enjoy performances, watch the mermaids swim, get your face painted, but don't end up in jail! This is the perfect place to take the children. Not to mention, it would be an amazing event to rent a party bus for.

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