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West End
786 W Highland Rd
Highland, MI 48357
(248) 889-3004

West End Bistro is the place to gather with friends and family to enjoy some quality cocktails and food. This is a favorite place for friends to gather, the warm ambience invites conversation as do the amazing drinks. They have a great selection of cocktails, spirits, beer, and more, it's always priced to sell. You won't find a better happy hour in all of Highland, they're making the drinks seriously cheap, but they aren't compromising on a great pour! The menu is excellent, more restaurant fare than bar food, which is always a nice surprise. They have multiple TVs so you can catch up on several sporting events at the same time, West End also has several pool tables, making this an entertaining option as well. The atmosphere is fun and friendly, and the servers are warm and efficient!

Schwartz's Deli
1100 S Milford Rd
Highland, MI 48357
(248) 714-6245

Scwart'z Deli is offering some seriously tasty sandwiches in the Highland area. If you're anything like us, then you're a corned beef lover, and Schwartz’s deli is our top choice for a delightful Corned beef sandwich piled high on lightly grilled rye! They slice the meats in front of you, and it's always nice to see how your food is really made. They stack the sandwiches so full of meats and toppings that it's hard to get your mouth around it! We also enjoy their coleslaw, it's not overly filled with mayonnaise unlike at similar restaurants in the area. They offer great lunch specials for those who are in the mood for carryout, you can't go wrong with this Deli, that's for sure! For a real new York style sandwich, stop by Schwartz’s Deli at 1100 S. Milford Rd. Highland 48357.

MVP Grill & Bar
2100 S Milford Rd
Highland, MI 48357
(810) 659-2323

MVP Grill & Bar is fantastic for those who are looking for great food and drinks at a price that makes you feel like the most valuable player! MVP Grill and Bar is a lovely little grill, and we've yet to find anything that comes close in terms of quality of food and fairness of pricing. They offer great menu variety, with a superb Specials menu that cuts down on their already affordable pricing. We thoroughly enjoyed or dinner of Perch and Walleye, and our server told us that it was locally caught from one of the lakes nearby. What's better than a great tasting piece of fish that was caught by a local fisherman? You surely can't beat that! Our server was awesome, she was friendly and fast. The drinks were refreshing and the prices were fair. My husband and I will certainly be returning!

Skybox Sports Grill
2825 Highland Road
Highland, MI 48356
(248) 889-7591

Just marvelous! No matter when your family chooses to go to sky box grill, you're sure to be impressed. The food here is always fabulous and cooked to perfcetion, no overcooked morsels at this establishment. The Chicken roll up was so tasty, the chicken was moist and tender, it was rolled in a buttered flatbread that was spiced with a great sauce. The hot wings, which were huge, seem to be another crowd pleasing favorite, and they had just the right amount of heat. You won't regret ordering the California Reuben, as it's the best we've ever had. No matter what you choose to order, you can be assured that it's going to be tasty and flavorful, as well as easy on your budget. Ask them about their new bar, it's a great addition and they have amazing drink specials going on to celebrate.

Sparkies Bar & Grill
2868 E Highland Rd
Highland Township, MI 48356
(248) 887-2610

Sparkies is the ideal place to kick back and relax when you find yourself in the area of Highland. They offer a casual yet upbeat dining atmosphere that is great to drink at, and they're fully equipped with seven big plasma televisions in case you want to enjoy the big game with all of your friends. They have a diverse menu that can be said to be the foods you know and love, with a simple twist to keep it interesting. They offer great selections such as Maryland Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, Award Winning Crab Soup, as well as amazin USDA choice steaks that are always cooked to order and perfectly tender. They also offer a full wine list that is varied and affordable to all those who visit, as well as many beer selections and spirit concotions that will get the party started. They're also committed to giving back to the community, so it's a smart choice, as well as a filling one.

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