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Crews Inn
31988 N River Rd
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 463-8144

Are you feeling hungry in the Harrison Township area? This is a great place to visit, if so. The locals are always coming in and out of this place due to it's great reputation, something that was definitely earned, that's for sure! They have a lovely outdoor patio fitted with tiki lamps for added ambience, which is great to take advantage of when the weather is nice. It's the perfect place to enjoy a delicious and meaty burger, toss back a cold one with all of your friends, and watch the beautiful sunset over the water while you catch a breeze. There really isn't anything better than that! The service at this establishment is exemplary in the sense that the servers are extremely attentive and friendly to their customers, and the quality of the food can't be beat. If you're looking to grab a quick bite and catch a view of the river to relax and unwind, this is the place to be.

MacRay Harbor Inc
30675 N River Rd
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 468-1900

Are you a breakfast fanatic, but you don't like getting up early? Luckily for you, this amazing restaurant hosts a Sunday brunch buffet every week that would rival even the highest quality of restaurants! There's nothing better than good breakfast being served up all day. Can anyone say, breakfast for dinner? It's one of the greatest things ever, and this is the perfect place to experience it. The brunch station buffer has a great selection of breakfast foods such as omelette stations, smoked salmon, waffles, salad bar, sausage, and other options that are sure to keep your head spinning in a delicious fervor! Come on down to Harrison Township and enjoy the best breakfast brunch you've had in your entire life.

Terry's Terrace
36470 Jefferson Ave
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 463-2671

Terry's Terrace has been serving the community for years on end, and they've gained a good following since then due to the great quality of their services and food. Terry's is a lovely ambrosial venue in which to dine on gloriously prepared cookery. You won't find a place with a better ambience in the area, the decorations in the place are a homage to the 1990's, a period we all know and love! They often run weekday specials which are decent values. What's better than getting great food at an even better price? If you have a large group or event, you'll be glad to know that they offer great catering services for all sizes of groups and events, which especially comes in handy when you find yourself on a feature filled party bus or limousine for the night. The quality of food is peerless, and the service is splendid!

Poncho & Cisco
36942 Jefferson Ave
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 465-6161

Poncho & Cisco is serving up great Mexican food at a price that would rival even the cheapest of establishments in the area! When you compare the prices of their amazing food to the quality of it, you've got yourself a deal unlike anything else. This place has been booming with business ever since they opened, and they've been able to stay busy with their large customer base! This is because locals know when they're getting a good deal instead of just being fed the idea that they are. The seafood chimichanga is unlike anything else we've ever tasted, we definitely recommend it when you decide to stop by and eat some amazing food. Don't forget about their great catering specials that are awesome for when you rent a party bus for the day! The happy hour is amazing as well, with as much as 75% off some of their specialty drinks. Wow, what a deal!

River Rat Restaurant
29370 S River Rd
Harrison Township, MI 48045
(586) 465-6565

The River Rat Restaurant is located right on, you guessed it, the riverfront! This is what makes this restaurant a premiere destination for those who are looking for a little something extra than your run of the mill family dining restaurant down the street. You can enjoy amazing views of the river while you show down on some wonderful seafood, or other dishes if you're aren't a fan of our fishy friends. They have a menu with a great, but not overwhelming, selection, something you don't find all too often in this area. If you stop by for lunch or dinner you'll definitely want to try the calamari, which are the fried squid pieces, or the toasted italian sub that has all the locals coming back for more time and time again. No matter what you choose to eat here, it's guaranteed to be something you'll order again in the future.

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