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The Lighthouse Pub
4474 West Jefferson Ave
Ecorse, MI 48229

They first opened their doors in 2008, and ever since, The Lighthouse has become synonymous with fun and great food in the Ecorse area. They feature awesomely cheap pricing on just about everything they offer. From drinks to grub, you can find it all here, and you'll find it all affordably delicious! Friday nights' are by far their busiest, and undoubtedly the best day to stop in if you're looking to have a great time. Anyday is good though, as you'll find pool tables to have fun with a buddy, and a great patio where you can appreciate the fine Michigan summer weather. To round everything up, they have fantastic staff to keep your drinks full and your stomach satisfied with delicious food.

The Auburn Cafe
3520 West Jefferson Ave
Ecorse, MI 48229

Anyone you talk to will have only good things to say about Auburn Cafe. Here is a little sample of all that is good about Greek cuisine in one of the more unsuspecting places ever! Whichever dish you look forward to when going out for great Greek food, you'll find that Auburn Cafe does it best. They have all the standard faire you'd come to expect from a restaurant of it's kind: Gyros, Greek Salads, Steak, Lamb, Chicken dishes of all sorts. They have been family owned since their inception in 1982, and the family pride is evident in every phase of their business operation!

Taco Especial
278 Southfield Rd
Ecorse, MI 48229

"Taco E" is likely to be the best tasting Mexican cuisine you'll find outside of perhaps, Mexico. They have an exceedingly friendly group of wait staff, cashiers, and even cooks who will occasionally mingle with some regulars. Prices too, are as fantastic as the food. When you're dining in, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the somewhat colorful decor, and they always have a television or two on, and will accomodate requests if there's something in particular you'd like to watch as you're eating. We'd like to recommend something in particular, but can't in this case... just because everything is simply delicious!

Rusty's Saloon
3984 W Jefferson Ave
Ecorse, MI 48229

Rusty's is one of those great, comfortable "after work" places which is a wonderful atmosphere to relax, unwind, and have a wonderfully tasty bar burger and fresh HOT fries. You'll find the workers there to be super friendly and as helpful as any folks we've run into during our travels Downriver. Give them a visit on your next "bar night" and we're sure you'll be going back whenever you need a great place to have some ice cold drinks and tasty food.

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