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27346 Ford Road
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

There are quite a few Middle Eastern restaurants in the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights area. One of our very favorites is this gem located right in the main throughfare of Dearborn Heights. A favorite dish, which might be a bit of an old standby, is the Shish Kabob. It's wonderfully balanced marinade and tender lamb just melts away in your mouth. The shawarma is also among the best we've ever tasted! You'll find the staff, from the cashiers to the servers, to be wonderfully friendly, helpful, and emminently competent and good at their jobs. Whenever you're in the area, we'd highly recommend stopping in here. They also offer catering and have banquet facilities in their repertoire, both of which can be quite useful for the party bus goer out there!

Whiskey Bar & Grill
24735 Warren Ave
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

For a local bar, the Whiskey Bar & Grill can sure put on a big show. They cater to a diverse crowd, most nights are generally quiet and the place will be filled with locals getting caught up on the events of the day. Some nights though (generally weekends) you'll find the house DJ spinning some modern tunes for you to enjoy as you're taking a spin out on their dance floor. You'll certainly want to take a sample from their menu which offers a nice variety of appetizers, sandwiches, tasty burgers, and great daily specials. This is a great place to get together with your group of friends and catch up, or party hardy on the dance floor. We had a great time when we were here, and can safely recommend it to anyone looking for good food, strong drinks, and a good time!

The BoneYard BBQ
7010 North Telegraph Road
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

People come from miles around to experience the wonderous BBQ experience that the Bone Yard offers! We love the barbeque chicken, which is literally falling off the bone... and the ribs are immensely tender and full of delicious yet gentle smokehouse flavor. You'll particularly love their great prices, and humongous portions! THIS, is what a BBQ is supposed to be. They offer great packages for large catering orders, and can cater to larger groups. This, we've found is perfect for your party bus adventure! If you ever find yourself wanting some great tasting barbecue, you cannot go wrong at The Bone Yard.

Tailgators Sports Bar & Grill
25380 Van Born Rd
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125

One of Dearborn Height's best kept secrets is this awesome little sports bar on Van Born. You'll love all the delicious food they offer, and the great full bar they feature! We've always paid less here, and gotten more, which is all the more reason to go here and appreciate what they have. In summer, you'll love the patio which has music playing, or you might find the game on as well. For wintertime, you'll appreciate the entertainment offered in the form of pool tables, and a good amount of flat-screen tv's. All in all, this is one bar in the area where you really can't go wrong!

Walter's Speak Easy
8701 North Beech Daly Rd
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

It would be difficult to imagine a Dearborn Heights world, that didn't include Walter's Speak Easy. This place is quaint, comfortable, and serves up some delicious food. The fish 'n chips is particularly delectable, made with beer batter and white flaky Atlantic Cod. If there were no other redeeming qualities about Walter's, the food alone would keep us coming back. Fortunately, this isn't the case! They have friendly staff and guests, as well as a cozy atmosphere to enjoy your drinks or dinner.

Cariera's Italian Restaurant
6565 South Telegraph Road
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

This terrific Italian eatery has been on the map for a good many years now. Even though they are a casual locale, they offer rich tasting, and a great variety from the Italian spectrum of delicious dishes. Those with hearty appetites will definitely love the generous portions, and those with a tighter budget will not shy away from this place... The prices are fantastic! To accomodate those who would like a fine spirit or glass of wine with their meal, you'll find they have a varied selection from the respective bar and wine cellar. After dinner, don't miss out on the wonderful and delicious selection of fine Italian desserts and pastries. You'll be sure to love every stage of your meal, just as we always have!

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