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Martin's Ham & Cornbeef
24564 Van Dyke Ave
Center Line, MI 48015
(586) 757-2500

Martin's is here to offer the city of Center Line an amazing array of fresh sandwiches that is sure to please any appetite or budget. The sandwiches are filled with quality meat that is flavorful and seasoned to perfection. The crowd pleasing favorite is the pastrami sandwich that is piled high atop of rye bread, it's absolutely amazing and the best tasting pastrami we've ever had. They also offer a breakfast menu with a variety of options that is going to please any taste bud! The ultimate omelette comes with a plethora of ingredients that makes for a flavorful explosion in your mouth, with ingredients such as hashbrowns, swiss cheese, an array of vegetables, bacon and ham! It's also amazingly cheap for breakfast, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank whenever you choose to dine here.

Fat Catz
27253 Van Dyke Ave
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 757-7661

Fat Catz is an awesome establishment to visit when you're looking for something with a comfortable vibe. This place gives off a great charm that attracts patrons from all over the place, and they're always sure to return after trying it out once. They offer entertainment in the form of pool tables and flat screen televisions to watch the big game on with all of your friends as you throw back a few cold ones. They're always running great drink specials, and their drinks have a great pour, making it an even better deal! No matter what you choose to order here, you're guaranteed to love it! Try out their amazing dessert selection as well, with options like chocolate cream pie and banana pudding to please everyone.

Vern Haney's Restaurant
24447 Van Dyke Ave
Center Line, MI 48015
(586) 757-5080

Are you looking for some yummy, fresh seafood? Then look no further than Vern Haney's Restaurant located in the heart of Center Line. They're serving up great dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters! No matter if you're a fan of seafood or not, this establishment is sure to be serving up something that you'll love. Their specialty is their clam dinner, which is amazing! They served them piled high on a plated with a loaded baked potato, soup, and a salad with romaine lettuce. You really can't get any better than this restaurant! Make sure you try out their fish and chips, as well, you definitely won't be disappointed.

Te Roma Inc
24436 Van Dyke Ave
Center Line, MI 48015
(586) 757-7575

Te Roma is located in the heart of Centerline, offering some amazing food selections. Everything here is always delectable and perfectly cooked! The service here is always willing to help newcomers decide on a great meal, and everything is always fast and efficient, unlike other restaurants in the area. They offer a banquet hall for the larger groups that come by, as well as a great option for catering, which would come in especially handy if you found yourself on a party bus for the night! No matter your event or where you're coming from, this is a great place to dine when you hear the first rumble of your stomach. The favorited dish here is obviously their pizza, which is cooked in an open woodfire oven, giving it an authentic taste that you don't find at any regular old restaurant.

China Villa
25019 Van Dyke Ave
Center Line MI 48015
(586) 757-0800

Here at China Villa, they're serving up authentic tasting Chinese food in an easygoing environment, all at a price that isn't going to hurt your wallet in the least. They offer great lunch and dinner specials that cut down on the cost and add egg rolls, fried rice and a drink of your choice. If you're in a rush, they even offer convenient online ordering. Sometimes this restaurant gets so busy that you might want to consider making a reservation, which is also easily done online as well.Their menu includes all types of cuisine such as Thai, Szechuan, and Chinese. Their popular offerings include items such as crab rangoon that is creamy and deep fried to a golden perfection, as well as almond boneless chicken in a yellow gravy sauce, as well as Thai Curry Chicken that is absolutely to die for.

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