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Three Hermano's
33019 W Jefferson Ave
Rockwood, MI 48173
(734) 379-9600

This is a great place to take family and friends when your tastebuds are craving something south of the border. They're serving up all the Mexican favorites that you've come to love over the years, as well as some American classics for all the picky eaters out there. Three Hermano’s serves fajitas that are amazing! They come sizzling on a hot plate with vegetables that are sauteed to absolute perfection. Put it all on one of their freshly made tortillas and you're good to go! No matter what you order, it's sure to taste of Mexico. Three Hermano’s offers a better variety than most Mexican restaurant in this area. The hot salsa was very good and what's even better is that it comes free as soon as you're seated at your table, the cheese and sour cream enchiladas are divine, especially for those who aren't meat eaters. As soon as you visit once, you're sure to be returning quite soon.

Lucky's Steakhouse
2000 S Cedar St
Imlay City, MI 48444
(810) 724-4100

Lucky's Steakhouse is aptly named, you'll definitely feel as though you're in the presence of luck whenever you choose to eat here! They're serving great American classics that are cooked to perfection, with choices that everybody in the family is sure to love. The favorite dish by locals is overwhelmingly the marinated steak macaroni and cheese, it's to die for! No matter what you end up ordering, you can be assured it will be excellent food, the food is always superbly fresh, the meat is top choice, and the waitress was very friendly. The 28 oz big porterhouse was delicious, it's quite a lot of steak, and you won't find an overcooked morsel here. Their bread that they give to each table before their meal begins is wonderful, soft on the inside and buttered to perfection on the outside. The prime rib is done to perfection, you'll never find a better done piece of meat than in here.

Village Cafe
68940 S Main St
Richmond, MI 48062
(586) 727-3663

The next time you find yourself in the Richmond area, do yourself a favor and stop by the Village Cafe. As soon as you walk in you'll be greeted by a friendly hostess and the warm atmosphere that only a cafe can offer. They're serving up classics with a twist, as well as some eccentric options that are sure to make your tastebuds sing. This is a great little restaurant, where the owners pay special attention to both detail and their customers. You don't find establishments quite like this all too often in this day and age, this is the kind of place where once you come you are no longer a customer, you are family. Make sure you try their amazing rueben sandwich, or the fantastic grilled chicken caesar salad topped with tangy cranberries, giving it an extra kick! The food is served with pride, and it shows as the flavors explode in your mouth. There's nothing better than a restaurant who takes pride in creating the best dishes possible using fresh ingredients and care for the customers. Village Café is one of our favorite spots in Berlin Twp!

Thee Office Pub & Cookery
128 S Main St
Romeo, MI 48065
(586) 752-6680

Thee Office Pub & Cookery is an establishment that is appreciated all throughout the area, and it's pretty easy to see why as soon as you walk in. Your nose will be assaulted by the smells and sights of amazing food being passed around, and you'll be sure to notice the friendly atmosphere. It makes for a great eating experience, that's for sure. They're known for their great prices matched with the portion sizes of their offerings. What could be better than a meal that you can heat up twice? You're practically paying for two meals in one! They have weekday specials that are too amazing to pass up, including their buy one get one free pizza night, wow! You've never seen deals like this in a pub & cookery, but we surely aren't complaining. Stop by today and experience what the locals are raving about!

Papa Bruno's Pizzeria
11090 US-Turnpike Rd
South Rockwood, MI 48179
(734) 379-3463

Papa Bruno's is a great place to go if you're looking for a freshly baked pizza, with no frills or extras. You won't find an updated building and friendly service here, but what you will find is an amazing pizza pie! You may want to choose to take out rather than eat in at this establishment, which is why we highly recommend using their catering services if you find yourself on a party bus for the night! They have great classics as well as some specialty pizzas such as hawaiian, vegetable delight, garbage can, as well as a barbeque chicken pizza. No matter what you try here, you're sure to be at least partially pleased. Make sure you try out their breadsticks to see if they're as good as the locals say they are. They also offer some great appetizers such as fried frog legs! They rant and rave about their specialty anchovie pizza, so make sure you try it the next time you're feeling..daring.

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