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The Maple Grille LLC
13105 Gratiot Rd
Richland Township, MI 48626
(989) 233-2895

The Maple Grille is a wonderful place with a warm atmosphere, a perfect place to spend your night dining experience. You'll enjoy some of the best food around the area served up by passionate chefs, and it surely shows in the end product. They use the freshest ingredients available, making it a healthy choice as well as a delicious one. You truly can't go wrong eating out here, that's for sure. The Maple Grille takes pride in the quality of the ingredients they use because it truly makes the difference in their cuisine versus their competitors. Everything that they use is fresh and locally sourced, you can feel great about supporting your local economy by eating out here. They recently added an indoor kitchen & wood fired pizza oven! What could be better than enjoying a wood fire pizza as an authentic entree for the night? The bacon asparagus pizza was awe inspiring, you'll definitely want to try it when you choose this restaurant.

Little Bambinos
120 W Saginaw St
Merrill, MI 48637
(989) 643-5414

Everyone we've talked to in the area talks about how much they love Little Bambino for authentic Italian cuisine. It's simply the best place to be for Italian in the area of Merril. They certainly know what they're doing here, the cooks here are amazingly certified and passionate about what they do which shows in the quality and presentation of their dishes. The pan seared Scallops are unparalleled, you won't even find better ones near the coast! They also have it together when it comes to their desserts, as the homemade pies are completely extraordinary. You'll be guaranteed to love their Michigan Cherry pie that supports local businesses, that's for sure. They also have great choices such as pumpkin pie, boston cream pie, and a banana pie that is to die for. We certainly recommen trying Little Bambinos if you ever find yourself in the Merrill area!

Tony's Original Restaurants
112 S Saginaw St
St Charles, MI 48655
(989) 865-6950

Make your way down to Tony's if you're looking for a unique meal to fill you up. This restaurant has been featured in magazines and television alike, and all for good reason. The reason why they're so well known across the state and nation is because of their hefty portion sizes. You've never seen anything served up quite this large, it's as if they took a regular family dining menu and put the portions on steroids! We certainly aren't complaining, though, because we see it as the warehouse club stores of restaurants. Buy in bulk and reap the savings, and here at Tony's it's the same idea when it comes to their portion sizes. They offer large sized portions, and friendly staff who are always on the ball when it comes to amazing service and courteous knowledge about all of the items. The food is quite tasty, everything is seasoned to absolute perfection and priced nicely to sell, especially given the mostrous sizes.

Leonard's Market
4 W Elmwood Ave
Leonard, MI 48367
(248) 628-29151

Leonard's Market is known throughout the area for being one of the most convenient places around, after all, how often is it that you find an amazing pizza place in the same establishment as a liquor store, with it still being top notch pizza? You probably haven't seen that too often, which is all more the reason to stop by Leonard's Market. If you don't feel like driving, you can rest easy knowing that they also deliver their amazing pizza. What's better than that? There really isn't anywhere else like it in the area, so you'll definitely want to stop by when you see the sign. Ask them about their daily specials, where pizza can be as much as half off. There aren't many places to sit inside, if at all, so you'll want to call ahead. They offer catering services, so you'll definitely want to take advantage of that if you find yourself on a party bus for the night.

Times Square
500 N Lapeer Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48362
(248) 814-8100

This is a refreshing change of pace type of establishment. Seems like now a days all we have for a sandwich shops are corporate chains, I mean there heck there is a Jersey Mike's in the front of the shopping center Times Square is located in. This is a legitimate deli that will remind you of a NY deli if you have ever been. The corned beef is the real star of the show let's be honest and you can order it up here anyway you could dream off, "Rueben", "The SSR" which is a reuben with coleslaw in place of sauerkraut, "Corned Beef Sliders", "Carnegie Haul" which is The SSR with turkey added, "Dinty Moore" which is corned beef with lettuce, tomato & mayo on white toast, "Harlows Heaven" a triple decker corned beef & pastrami with coleslaw, swiss cheese & russian dressing, and finally the "Woody Alan" which is the previous sandwich with only the meats. By the way they have a bunch of other things, burgers, fried fish and chicken, salads, hot dogs, ect. This place rocks.

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